Associations – one mistake to avoid


Sometimes people are not getting full value from Memo. That is unfortunate. I use several techniques for effective memory. One technique is associations. The technique is not used in isolation, but alongside other techniques. Today I would like to talk about optimal use of associations.

One mistake some people make is to make ineffective associations. For example, if you are to memorize elements such as lithium, beryllium and so on, Lithuania and Bergen become poor associations. The issue is: What does Lithuania look like? It is much better to use the lithium battery association. It is easy to visualize and easy to translate back to lithium. Lithuania does not have a distinct form, and in order to use Lithuania as an association, we have to create another association, for example their flag. Creating associations to the association is ineffective. Instead, try to make a distinct form right away. Bergen as an association to beryllium creates the same issue, a berry would work better as we get an instant visual image.

Did this post make sense? If not, take a look in the Memo Book and read about how to use associations, placement and visualization. Or become inspired by the video below:

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