The Great Paradox

Det store paradoks
– By Oddbjørn By, Memory Champion

I know the people with the best memory in the world, and know that no one can remember an entire curriculum book. Still these

books are so thick that I suspect that the authors think the students are grand masters of memory. The authors should only have known that even the best of us struggle to remember that much. A problem is that the authors probably want to come through with as much as possible. Personally, I think it would have been much better to be realistic: Much thinner books.

italiensk ordbok
On the picture you can see an Italian dictionary to the left. An encyclopedia. A lot of curriculum books are almost encyclopedias. If you are about to learn Italian, you don´t buy a dictionary like this (at first). You would rather start buying a small book, to learn a couple of hundred – or thousand words. The argument is put somewhat extremely, but the point is:

I think that thinner books and more realistic curriculum amount would have given more motivated students. Less apostasy. Better results.