This is Memo

Even hard work at school can result in disappointing results. The memory is often making limitations. But I don’t have to be like that. You will remember more in less time with Memo. I am proud that I have helped students and others that needs to remember and learn – since 2004.

What is Memo?

Memo has probably become so popular because Oddbjørn By has lifted memory techniques to another level. As the The Norwegian Defence University reported after Memo-course in April 2013, Oslo:

The University of Marine Warfare (part of NDUC, Bergen) recommended you, because they were very satisfied by your course. But this exceeded our expectations!

Memo is a combination of the most effective techniques from ancient Greece, international memory competitions and methods developed by the author.

Some people think it’s impossible to improve the memory. As seen on the web-clip from Danish TV, you can see that knowing the techniques is often enough to remember a lot more. Oddbjørn experienced that himself, when he almost lost the Norwegian Memory Championships to readers of his books. Good memory is often about good techniques. Either you know about them, or you don’t. It’s also important to use them in the correct way. This is the main focus in Oddbjørn’s books.

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Photo from the World Memory Championships 2005 (doctor Günther, Alisa, Corinna, James, Oddbjørn, doctor Yip & Andi)

You should not use Memo for everything in your life. But use Memo when there is a lot to remember, difficult things to remember or things were great memory can give you a benefit. I keep getting feedback from opera singers, comedians and actors that enjoy the technique – because it saves them time. And that’s the purpose of Memo. To spend less time to remember more.

Many pilots, students and kids also appreciate the techniques – gaining great results on exams. People have been using Memo to remember presentations, languages, seduction patterns, dances, karate patterns, chess and poker. Many people use the techniques frequently to remember ideas they get, arguments in negotiations, to remember riddles and stories, appointments and names. Enter the world of Memo – and try yourself!


Oddbjørn By (born on a Friday in 1981) from Norway has written ten books on memory. The most famous is Memo – and The Memo Handbook. He is three times Norwegian Champion. In 2006 he broke a world record in memorizing numbers. In his memory debut in the Memory World Cup in 2004, he remembered 315 cards (6 decks + 3 cards) in correct order after looking at them for thirty minutes. Oddbjørn is convinced that everybody can do the same.

Oddbjørn has shown through tv-programs and news features in several countries that Memo with correct use can have an enormous effect. Both to your school results and motivation – and at work and everyday life. Also, his competitors in the friendly and energetic memory competitions are every year performing outstanding results – showing what humans like me and you are capable of with the right tools.

His brother, Håkon, was an early guinea pig for some of the techniques. He has worked closely with Oddbjørn on several books, with a special focus on adapting them to new markets – incl. translating the first book into English and working with publishers in Taiwan and South Korea on those editions. He lives in London, and he has also competed in World Memory Championships.