Remembering vs understanding

It’s important to understand how to navigate traffic. Part of that understanding comes from knowing, and remembering, the meaning of street signs and road rules. I am yet to hear of someone who’s understanding was diminished by improved knowledge of road rules.

Understanding and reflection is important as a student, yet it needs to build on a good memory. Without a solid foundation of knowledge, understanding becomes hard if not impossible. Some teachers and lecturers which haven’t read Memo are skeptical. One reason may be that they think Memo is a robot-like method for regurgitating everything you have ever read. It is not. Memo is a method for remembering more, better. The rest is up to you. But if you can remember more, quicker, this allows you to dive much deeper into the matter, and truly understand it.

Memo-the Easiest Way to Improve Your Memory will teach you the best techniques to remember:
Languages, geography, exams, presentations, names, appointments, memory tricks and much more.

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