Seminar: How to improve your memory – London 10 April

Ever wondered what life would be like if you could present like a pro or learn 1000 words in a new language in days?

Normally, seminars are held for large corporations and institutions, with no access to the public. But a few times a year, we run public seminars. This year, we’ve so far held a very successful one in Copenhagen, with seminars in Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger coming up, followed by one in London!

Oddbjørn By (born on a Friday in 1981) has written several books on memory. He lives in Oslo, and is a three times Norwegian Champion. In 2006 he broke a world record in memorizing numbers. In his memory debut in the Memory World Cup in 2004, he remembered 315 cards (6 decks + 3 cards) in correct order after looking at them for thirty minutes. Oddbjørn is convinced that everybody can do the same.

In 2007 Oddbjørn was on tv with the Danish host Puk Elgård. This is a part of the programme (subtitled in English):

The seminar
One thing is to learn memory techniques – using them effectively is a different proposition. Correct use is very important and an essential part of the seminar. In addition, we will cover:

* Basic principles
* How to remember geography, languages, history, presentations, anatomy, and much more
* How to use MEMO for training or exams
* How to remember future events
* How not to do it
* How to make your memory more effective, and become more efficient in your studies/at work
* During the seminar there will be multiple tasks that will let you practice you new skills

“I have your book and I though it was really well done 🙂 This is THE book I recommend to family and friends. To everybody!”
Nelson Dellis, 23 November 2010

Time went by, snow fell from the sky and the email was forgotten. Then, in March 2011 Nelson won the US Memory Championships! And then he won again in 2012.

Time and Date:
6 pm to 9 pm, Wednesday 10 April 2013

Room CLM.6.02, 6th Floor, Clement Building, London School of Economics (opposite Australia House). Map. It’s less than 5 minutes from Holborn and Temple tube stations.

If you can’t attend, please feel free to pass it on to a friend. Or buy it as a gift for a friend or loved one.

Secure your spot now – there is a maximum of 140 participants per seminar. All participants receive a copy of the book “Memo – the easiest way to improve your memory” (Value £19.99)

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