Oddbjørn By:

– Author of the Memo books
– Known from approx. 40 television shows in Scandinavia
– A former World Record holder in memory
– Has given over 670 courses and lectures
– Can memorize a deck of cards in 43 seconds

Course / Lecture in Memory

The Memory Champ’s Top Tips on Remembering:

– How to remember presentations/speeches you’re going to give
– The syllabus (for studying or further education)
– Techniques you can teach children/family
– Languages
– Appointments
– Names
– and much more

oddbjørn by

Oddbjørn is known for taking memorizing techniques to a whole new level. The lectures and courses are not about mind maps or memorizing, but about Memo. You’ve seen him teach people to remember amazing things on television. Explanations on television tend to be confusing when edited down, but here you can watch a bit of a feature on Danish television from 2007:

Memo is a combination of the best remembering techniques from Antiquity, and techniques Oddbjørn By has learned from friends in the World Memory Championships or developed himself. The purpose of Memo is to spend less time and struggle to remember, so you can spend your time on other things.

Most people want two to three hours, but anything from 45 minutes to 6 hours goes.


Oddbjørn got the Golden Buzzer in Norways Got Talent in 2018

Oddbjørn at a Norwegian TV-program.


The first Memo-book. This is the book that both the World Memory Champion and the American Champion started with.

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