How do students learn best? By reading a text or by watching the message on film?

Oddbjørn By Astrid Knudsen
Oddbjørn By

This has Glenn- Egil Torgersen done some research on. He tested which educational resource that worked best in history on a bachelor level. I have studied history on this grade myself, so it was especially exciting to read the result. Torgersen has worked as a teacher, and was surprised by the outcome. To the website, he says:

– I thought we learned better and more naturally by multimedia like film and sound. But it´s not necessarily what you like the best that give the best learning.

The study shows that all students learned better by reading a normal text, to the contrary of image and sound. But something that worked even better than text, was picture and text used alternately. With little information, and repeating of data.

– Here, there is given a small amount of information at a time, and important things are repeated, says Torgersen. Read more about the study at