Top 3 study mistakes

It’s not easy studying on your own. Many students could have better fulfilled their potential if they were aware of some typical mistakes.

1. Reading the syllabus over and over and over is not optimal if your goal is to remember as much as possible. Using a memory technique is much more effective.

2. In an ideal world one would remember everything. Absolutely everything. In the 2004 World Memory Championships I sat in front of Astrid Plessl, which finished second overall. She remembered 188 random words, with no errors, in 15 minutes. In top form she could correctly remember 1824 random numbers in an hour. Astrid was a medical student. But even she, one of the world’s best memory athletes, could remember the entire syllabus. That would be completely unrealistic. If your lecturer claims that you need to know the whole textbook, take it with a pinch of salt. Be realistic and focus on the most important aspects first.

3. You have probably seen students that underline everything in the textbook. That’s a waste of ink…

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