What kind of pills and herbs will improve my memory?

The athletes in the World Memory Championships have one thing in common: they use techniques to remember thousands of numbers, words, names and images. It’s as simple as that.

Normally, the best ones are those who have been practicing the most, like in any other sport. It’s very hard to find proof that eating this or that will improve your memory. Applying techniques however, are every year proven to improve your memory into performing astonishing feats.

For example, in year 2000 Ben Pridmore entered the World Memory Championships for the first time. He remembered 3 decks of cards in one hour. This placed him as number 15 of 18. In 2006 he remembered 27 decks in one hour and became the champion. He achieved this by applying techniques, practice and eating regular food. Not with the help of any pills or magic herbs.