Tiden er inne


Eg skreiv denne til den engelske delen av heimesida. Har ikkje fått tid til å oversette:

It’s soon time. Time for the World Memory Championships 2009. We will be at least four persons from Norway over in London, memorizing decks of cards, numbers, names, images and much more.

There is no chance what so ever that Norwegians will win. Winning takes years of hard training. The winner will be Ben (England), Günther, Simon or Johannes (Germany). But I think Norway will be ranked among the greatest countries in history. Germany, UK, China and Austria are ranked on top. But there is a very good chance that Norway will be the fifth best.

I’m in all right shape. But I think other Norwegians are in better shape. In 2008 I nearly lost the Norwegian Memory Championship to readers of my Memo-books. That’s quite annoying. But it also shows that reading Memo is enough to perform fantastic achievements. Combined with some practice.

It’s just a matter of time before some Norwegian will beat me. I have not been practicing enough. Just spending time on teaching others to remember, through books and courses. I will of course try to win the Norwegian Championship again, but others than me winning in Norway is not the end of the world. I’m glad people have found so much pleasure in the books. Both for competition purposes and at school. And it’s exciting with challengers coming up.

You don’t have to worry about hard practice to remember more in daily life. Knowing the techniques, and knowing how to use them will serve you well enough. But to win Memory Championships you have to practice. When it comes to books, Memo is the book to make you champion.