Memory Inspiration

As you’ll see down in the right corner, I’m asking if anyone has used Memo. Those that have, are asked to share an example of when they used the techniques. These are the responses gathered so far. I hope these will inspire and motivate. Good luck with your memorization projects!

For leisure (or work)

Remember names
Only used Memo for entertainment!
Music lyrics in bands
Telephone numbers
Wifi Password J
Brain exercise
Memorize a tai chi ritual (18 forms)
Drum marches for the May 17th Parade
Have a more efficient day
Pin codes and grocery list
Keep track of swimming laps 🙂
Practice Spanish vocabulary

At work

Organizing notes and memorizing them in use for studies and everyday work. Am a general accountant, many areas to keep track of
To remember telephone numbers, credit card numbers and templates/structures in larger documents
Company Presentation
Memorize names
Learn languages, improve memory
When learning Spanish vocabulary, works wonderful for that

Assisting others:

My daughter’s middle school tests
Taught the technique to my son, he is in 10th grade
Helping my daughter to memorize for middle school tests
I taught others

Brain exercise or nerd activity

Memorize 200 decimals of pi
Used it in WC in memory in Oxford i 2005. Worked awesome 🙂 (Christian Gjeraker)
Memorize decks of cards, Roman emperors
Memorize decks of cards
Memorized the Morse alphabet in 25 minutes
Memorize the world map
Memorize the 20 smallest countries in the right order
Memorize all the American states
School, name, addresses, and the dates of birth calendar

Most people only mentioned one thing (as I asked) but some wrote several things:

Learn Spanish and the periodical system, grocery lists, memorize names, presentations.
Everything 😀
I’ve only used the book to get inspired to get a better memory – both in everyday life as well as when studying: The phonetic alphabet, checklist, 1 number system, schedules
Memorize decks of cards, people’s names, chemistry and bio chemistry
Language, numbers, studies


To get the best grade in history, social studies, Norwegian, nature science and English
Psychology studies and for fun
School, world geography
Oral exam
I’m using Memo when studying. Memo works very well!
Got my GED in 14 days. That’s how quick it was with the consecutive exams
Russian language exam level 200 and latin exam level 100 – UiB
Remember all of WW2, all the important events
Knowledge of the species
To uniquely understand the curriculum
To learn poems, math, chemistry and much more
Learn vocabulary
Memorize names of rocks for a geology exam
For an exam in IT security
Nursing study
Remember the nature science curriculum
Have been playing around with it. I want to learn how to use it while studying now, I want to get my GED and go on to college
Memorize minerals
I don’t actually know Norwegian, just some Swedish. Anyway, I once memorized part of a book on the history of linguistics so completely I had “trouble” in the exam based on it because there was barely enough time to write everythingI
Learn languages
Remembering years
Studying for exams
Use it when studying for exams
Exams (3 people said explicitly this)
Memorize for classes in school
Study for exams
Memorize for tests
Learn the curriculum (2 people said explicitly this)
Years for history test
History test